More than 20 years 

active in 'new ways of working' 

Founded by pioneers in the digital and coworking industry, Spacious offers a full range of services and advice for the creation and management of innovative, social workplaces: thematic ecosystems, coworking, and corpo-working, accelerators, remote offices, virtual workspaces, living labs, retail, pop-ups... 

The world of work and the professional real estate market are confronted with structural changes (uberization, freelance economy, mobility, occupancy rates...) that push for a massive conversion of workplaces in order to create more flexible, connected and collaborative environments. 

Through strategic reflection and the mixing of complementary disciplines (architecture, design, digital, marketing, data and artificial intelligence, communications, arts, VR, neurosciences...), we develop innovative and efficient ecosystems based on unique experiences design and the activation of dynamic communities of people. 


Our clients include: landlords and real estate operators, brands, corporates, business clubs, coworking operators, art centers, media houses, private and public institutions.


Claire Bonnaventure

Spatial Design Studio


Jean de Renesse


Edouard Cambier

Media Holding



25+ years of combined experience in 'new ways of working': real estate, architecture, space design, coworking, digital, marketing, community building, innovation, branding, design, and entrepreneurship.



60+ missions with all types

of stakeholders, in size and nature: public institutions, startups, corporate, business clubs, media, foundations… Extended partners and experts network.



Co-development of  multiple social workplaces, ecosystems and communities: Seed Factory, Co.Station, TheCham®Brussels Mobility Store, 303030, The WorkLABBelgian Workspace Association


We develop innovative professional ecosystems and workplaces: thematic hubs, coworking, corpo-working, living labs, accelerators, pop-ups...

Salle de démarrage



Creation, renovation  or refurbishment of buildings and workspaces.



Complete advisory range: research, concepts, business model, partnerships...



Website, mobile app,     'proptech', AI, workspace 




Community development: members, partners, investors, suppliers, ambassadors...


Design / Fitting

Interior and experience design: concept, landscaping, furnitures, signage, plants...



Branding, storytelling, video, social media, events, print, 

sales/marketing tools...

Some references

The WorkLAB Jean de Renesse:Edouard Camb
The WorkLAB Jean de Renesse:Edouard Camb

Discover the WorkLAB /

Discover the new phygital ecosystem 100% focus on the 'Future of Work' and 'Remote Work' powered  by Beci Innovation and Spacious Agency.

The future is 'nwow' ! 

Future of work

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Discover market trends, opinions, innovations and ideas selected by our pool of observers from top publishers worldwide.

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Avenue des Volontaires 19

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Tel: +32 2 743 47 20




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