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May 26, 2017


Coworking spaces are booming and everywhere. Every coworking space has its own identity, some tend to be more on the colorful side, some tend to stick for classic design. For today's post, we have gathered our top 5 coworking spaces we love in Europe. So here are some of the coworking spaces we love in Europe:

1.LONDON: Runway East Offices

Runway East already have 2 different site locations in London and they will launch another one on August 2017.  Created by 3 entrepreneurs who started as friends, Runway East accommodates hundreds of entrepreneurs and top innovators from the UK. Their sites offer coffee and nap pods as well as different entertainment areas such as the mini golf and on site shower areas.

Photography: Thomas Fallon
Design: ThirdWay Interiors

Via Office Snapshots

2. PARIS: KWERK Coworking Offices

Comfort is this workspace’s priority. Designed by Albert Angel and Lawrence Knights, they welcome their coworkers with art sculptures and different works of art. The place is designed to breed creativity and inspiration.

Photography: -
Design: Albert Angel, Lawrence Knights

Via Office Snapshots

3. KIEV: HUB 4.0 Offices

HUB 4.0 – new, ultramodern form of office space, the place where the most progressive Ukrainian developments concentrated. The space is consists of three floors.
The first floor welcomes guests with a massive panel with hot-metal logo that proceed to a light glass structure of stair railings. Elongated reception desk emphasized by bright dynamic lighting. Job seats are separated from the transit zone by the structural wall made of plywood.
The structure of the second floor provides easy portability of space and plenty of areas for informal communication. Coffee-points, windowsills-benches with soft cushions, a lounge area in a shape of amphitheater may serve as for a work, communication, and for making presentations, parties or lectures.
On the third floor there are coworking, meeting rooms, skype room, as well as several thematic conference rooms. Open flowing spaces of press-points and reception-area tone to the business communication. During creation of this floor bright saturated colors were used, a lot of graphic drawings and inscriptions.

Photography: Andriy Bezuglov
Design: Nika Vorotyntseva design & architecture bureau

Via Office Snapshots 

4. MADRID: Google Campus Offices

Who doesn’t get fascinated by Google Offices around the world ?Google is one of the pioneers in creating new, innovative and fun workspaces. Just like their other campuses, the one in Madrid greatly reflects Google’s Identity Values. This means promoting local designs, designing adapted to the building. This also means promoting communal diversity and environmentally friendly spaces.

Photography: Gareth Gardner
Design: Jump Studios

Via Office Snapshots

5. MILAN: Talent Garden Offices

The Milan-Calabiana coworking space is the newest campus of Talent Garden (TAG), the fastest growing coworking network in Europe focusing on digital technology and creative entrepreneurship. Developed in close cooperation with Carlo Ratti Associati, the rapidly growing architectural practice and recipient of numerous awards, it opened in September 2015. Milan coworking space is one of the biggest of its kind in Europe. Located within a former industrial building, it offers the entire infrastructure for creative work and idea manufacturing on 8.500 m².

Photography: Talent Garden
Design: Talent Garden

Via Office Snapshots



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