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You may already know about this but some people still don’t recognise the power of feedbacks. Giving feedbacks nowadays doesn’t stop with simple reviews and evaluations, in this article we will talk about how to give feedbacks in a much more efficient way.

Some companies still think that Annual Performance Reviews and other performance evaluations do the « feedback job ». They do in some ways…They do tell the companies’ employers and employees what they have done not so good or what they did good… These reviews and evaluations are in some way as sort of feedback but they’re not enough.

Working creatives and innovative people don’t just want a simple paper anymore. They want to feel that they are engaged and they really are part of a team. They don’t want just an evaluation every year. As they become more and more flexible and mobile, they want something more engaging, something that is more at and in the moment. Probably something more personal and fresher. This could help them work and produce more efficiently.

So how can companies, corporate and agencies do this?

  • Make feedbacks regular: arrange one to ones with employers and employees at least once a week. You might think that this could be impossible especially for big companies, but if people could just take 5-10 minutes of their time to talk about their performance, this is good enough. It’s more real and more alive.

  • Be specific and limit your focus: this is why you should do feedbacks regularly, so you can focus on one subject. Focusing on one subject helps them to understand clearly and better the things they should improve on. This also diminish the risk of making the other person feeling attacked and demoralized.

  • Create spaces that promote engagement and community: spaces that could serve as meeting points. This is what open spaces are for. Giving a feedback doesn’t necessarily need a closed meeting room.

  • Remember that a feedback is a two-way street: You need to know how to give it effectively and at the same time model how to receive it constructively.

There are more and more new ways of working, we should always keep in mind that traditional ways are not as efficient as they used to be anymore. And as these things change, companies, corporates and agencies should adapt to them for better and more efficient results.

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